How Do you Publish your Created Kindle Book?

After your created kindle book is completed and checked against you checklist, log into the official Kindle publishing website Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) using your account login, username, and password. After which, you will be taken to your (KDP) administration panel,which is cleverly titled the “Bookshelf”.

This “Bookshelf” is where you will upload your book.

Once in your KDP “Bookshelf”, you will find the “ADD A NEW
TITLE” button. It will be in the top left hand corner of the page,
and this is what you would click to ultimately upload your Kindle book to
the Kindle Store. Clicking this button will open up the first form,
which will lead you through the questions that need to be
answered, and prompt you on how to upload your files. At each
step of the process you will find “learn more” links that you can
click for additional help.

The whole process is quite intuitive and user friendly.
After logging into your “Bookshelf”/admin panel on this front page, in the middle section, is where you will also be able to track the status of any books that you have in the Kindle system. Each created kindle book you have uploaded will be shown along with its status in the Kindle system.

There you will find whether your created kindle book is in draft, midway
through publishing, or live in the Kindle store!

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